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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Death is not my brain's friend

One of the deleterious effects of believing in a religion is in particular the idea that through this belief one would be assured some form of after life. This is a very damaging idea because it is based on an illusion, a fantasy and a false hope. In the past we had not many choices, maybe religion offered some soothing feeling that the absurdity of a short existence would be in the end resolved. I think, it would have been more honest to accept the reality as it is, even then and to have tried to do the best of a short life, maybe contributing to the well being of present and future generations. But we live in special times. Through fast developing information and bio-technologies, through our amazing daily breakthroughs in understanding human physiology and nature in general, we are approaching a point where we would have the ability to defeat death once and for ever. Death is not a metaphysical problem any longer, it is a technological one. We can defeat death, once and for ever, with modern biomedicine. We can do this as we did a lot of things through science. Believing in the delusional "spiritual after life", that is the core of most religions, doesn't allow people to realize that it would be much better to fund aging research than to donate to a church. If people could realize that we are close to a solution to death based on reality, they would support this research and actually demand it. So many people are simply hoping for something that is as delusional as believing in Santa Claus or fairies. They want it so badly that they are available to make a complete nonsensical commitment to something that is clearly absurd. And this is paradoxical because if these people would support science, that often religion considers a foe, they would be given all what religion falsely promised, including eternal life.

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