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Friday, June 3, 2011

Everything from Nothing

The Universe came from nothing. It is absolutely clear. All the symmetries present in the universe are what you will expect from vacuum and nothingness. This is difficult to understand for somebody that doesn't understand anything about the basics of physics. All the laws of physics came from symmetry and the breaking of symmetry that ensued in the early universe. Conservation of momentum, angular momentum, energy are a consequence of the symmetry of emptiness. The initial symmetry breaking that allowed for different particles to be created and the differentiation of the natural law are also a consequence of the initial condition of emptiness and the fragility of maintaining that state. Like a pencil balancing on its tip, this state can be achieved even if for a short time. In fact, it is easier for a pencil balanced on its tip to flip on one side than to stay in that state for a long time. This why there something rather than nothing. Because it is easier for a pencil to fall than to stay in this perfectly balanced state. The perfectly balanced state is nothing (unlikely to exist) and the unbalanced state is everything (much more likely). There is nothing extraordinary in that act of symmetry breaking and we consider it pretty natural. It would be supernatural for the pencil to magically be balanced on its tip. This is a perfectly matching analogy with what happened when the Universe arose from the Big Bang from nothing. It was as easy as a pencil falling from being perfectly balanced on its head. How the pencil got balanced? Throw many pencils and one would be bound to be balanced on its tip, even if for a short time. It is that simple. Yes, the universe was created from nothing. Sum all the energy of the Universe, positive kinetic and negative gravitational, you get zero. The laws of nature are the same left, right, up and down. That is the symmetry of empty space. Rotate around yourself and the universe is the same in every direction.Throw a ball on the left or on the right and it will move in the same way. Go few feet away from where you stand and throw the ball again and it behaves as before. Wait for few seconds and throw the ball again. Its behavior is the same as in the past. Symmetry of empty space. Matter can be created from energy but only in pairs of matter and anti-matter that destroy each other and go back go nothingness. The list goes on and on. The slight asymmetrical events that we observe are the equivalent of the balanced pencil that falls from this unlikely state. It is easier to make a universe from nothing than from anything else. It is that simple. And from this simplicity, that highest simplicity of them all, nothingness, through a fantastic sequences of unavoidable steps, the simplicity transformed itself in something more and more complicated to create finally the amazingly complex self-aware structure that is the brain. 

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